Richard Bucker

ion snapclip

Posted at — Apr 24, 2016

Some feature recommendations for the ion company.The snap(s) must be waterproof so they can go to a water park or a community poolif you want to break into the selfie market you need a forward facing camera which presupposes you need a bigger battery┬áStabilization seems to be going to be moving to the desktop but the smartphone app should have that feature toowhile Google’s youtube editor is passable Google’s photo editor with album maker is much better. Having that feature in the snap app would be usefula simple remote trigger would be nice but not necessarysince they have BT and wifi a mesh would be interesting. I was recently on a camping trip. We were 40 people and we had a well defined outdoor kitchen area. a number of sync’d cameras mounted in trees could have captured some fun shots (not sure this would be an ongoing setup)