Richard Bucker

iOS8 first impressions

Posted at — Sep 18, 2014

At first I was a little disappointed with the 60 minute iPad required a 1.3 gig download and my iPhone required a one gig download. once the new operating system is installed I had to set it up again.The bad news is I can never remember my iCloud password.after a quick password reset I was well on my way.My first impressions include a useless features of the health monitor, podcast, emoticons, word prediction, and tips. The one killer feature is the vast improvement to the spear to text. That’s what I saw in the first hour of use. [UPDATE] i’m a huge fan of the products that createsand they just released an iOS version of their killer FTP program called transmit.I would love to give them my hard-earned $10 however I have absolutely no idea why I would be FTPing anything into or up from my iPhone or iPad. Swiping to delete email just deletes the email instead of prompting the menu to ?more?flag?delete.[UPDATE] unfortunately it’s buggy where it counts.  The menu button is jumpy and puts you on the wrong view.  Less important but interesting the “Updated” widget on the bottom of the mail client does not update properly. Mine has displayed “Updated Yesterday” since yesterday.[UPDATE] as fun and interesting as an Amazon phone would be when you want a phone to be a phone then android is still the best platform. PS:I’ve noticed that the menu button seems to be a little buggy.