Richard Bucker

iPhone disable AutoStart iTunes and iPhoto

Posted at — Dec 24, 2014

I like iTunes and iPhoto. I think I’d prefer that Google did a better job and they may in the future but then Apple might figure out that my MacBook Air does not and will not have enough storage and my wife’s 1TB of storage is no longer enough. Using external drive is simply not efficient and it’s hard for the novice or uninterested.Even though I’m a tech I have no interest in splitting my photo albums and using external USB drives to hold my pictures. It’s just unsatisfying. But when you consider the iCloud option … it’s just incomplete and very expensive. So that’s a non-starter too.Frankly once I’ve created an iPhoto album it would be fine to store the original images in a fraction of their original resolution and then move on. I’d rather Picasa did the whole facial recognition photo/time-lapse thing instead.So my current challenge is that whenever I plug my USB into my computer in order to charge my iPhone or iPad both iTunes and iPhoto pop up. I suppose if I worked in a callcenter and a customer was calling then a screen pop would be useful. ┬áThis is not.Here is an article where I learned to disable the iTunes pop.And here is where I learned to disable iPhoto pop.Eventually someone is going to figure out the best way to hand these devices. The current state of things is not it.