Richard Bucker

iPhoto nuggets

Posted at — Feb 27, 2015

I’ve been complaining about having to import 54K images into iPhoto and as it happens there are some things I need to remember the next time this happens.To recap:old, out of warranty MacBook diedI had copied all of the images to a HDD recently but not 100% currentMy BackBlaze account appears to be currentMy Google+ (aka Picasa lite) is also currentSo I bought a 2TB HDD from MacSales. Formatted and Carbon Copy Clone’d my 256GB SSD onto the new HDD and booted. Next:I copied all of the “master” images from the manual copy from the external drive to my desktopI imported all of the images into my new iPhoto installation (took 5+ hours)iPhoto appeared to hang but was probably creating thumbnails and rejecting my MOV filesBut here is the bad news.The “master” folder is partitioned by IMPORT datethe source images were spread over timethe new iPhoto MASTER folder was a single folderiPhoto refused to import 2.6K MOV files that were in the MASTER folderI had to extract the MOV files from the source and drag-n-drop them on iPhoto (not confirmed yet)Next:retrieve the missing files from the BackBlaze backuprestart Picasa backuprestart BackBlaze backupOne interesting observation. My wife needed to complete her timesheet for her work. The spreadsheet was converted to Apple’s Numbers but now that her Mac was in flux she was forced to use Google’s spreadsheet app. I thought the experience was better than using Numbers. Numbers is a good spreadsheet program but I’m totally over this PC is the center of my universe thing.