Richard Bucker

is a 16GB ChromeOS device sensible

Posted at — Oct 19, 2015

I do not intend to brag but I have 4 Chromeboxes and 6 Chromebooks. One Chromebook, a Pixel i7, and one Chromebox, an ASUS, have 16GB of RAM. I opted for the extra RAM because of the work I do but maybe I’ve gone too far? I’ve been having second thoughts about the Pixel anyway. And now my concerns feel more real.I’ve been wondering why Google and the other hardware brands have not just loaded these machines up. The great RAM famine of 2007 and others are long since over and since the configurations appear a few generations back, why not? This is particularly interesting since Google is competing to enter the school system. In that role it’s less about the hardware than the software. ┬áTo be frank the extra ram is only useful for offline work and lots of open tabs.However, recently I have been working on a client’s SQL Server database. The default query timeout is 90 seconds; meaning that if I cannot complete a query in 90 seconds the request will abort and there is nothing I can do about it. But what I have discovered is that there is nothing I cannot query that cannot be satisfied in 90 seconds. And so I’m asking myself, do I really need 16GB of RAM when not everyone else is going to have that much?