Richard Bucker

Is it hijacking or good security?

Posted at — Dec 22, 2013

I have come to expect that Google is going to protect me from malware and the websites of evildoers. Whether Google his big brother or an agent for big brother is irrelevant. Clearly I have sacrificed a little bit of privacy for some amount of security. One has to realize that without search engines it would be impossible to navigate the web without someone having given you the proper hostname in order for you to navigate the web. And once individuals started curating websites they become just as the Facteau Google like.So if Google is going to redirect my browser because some legitimate website has permitted some malware advertising to be promoted through their website I would hope that Google would protect me. The same can be said for larger scale projects like that coin if in fact it were illegal or nefarious.¬†As an enterprise user my IT department is constantly scrubbing the URLs that the users attempt to access. Every once in a while I get a pop-up in my browser that says that the requested¬†website is not trusted and it will refuse to allow me to proceed.In my day today computing needs I simply no longer have the time to maintain my computer and/or browser and a secure fashion. I have to rely on the abilities of others whether it’s my internal IT department or Google.So if not going is going to be swept up in that. So be it.As to whether or not bit coin or net coin or any other Internet currency has any value is to be determined by the people who are willing to trade in it. I’m reminded of economics 101… These network currencies are not good for us.