Richard Bucker

Is Social Networking Just a Fad?

Posted at — Jun 16, 2011

I read the headline: Is Social Networking Just a Fad? And instead of reading the article I aggregated a number of other headlines that I read including One Simple Rule: Why Teens are Fleeing Facebook. There was also some grumbling about the upcoming IPO. Now that social network software is mainstream it’s just a matter of time for individual business to find a way to capitalize. If you’ve played and Cyberpunk RPG and you understand the backstory… it seems inevitable.The rule of thumb in this fiction is always:“The corporation” wants to spider away as much information as it can from any source that they can. Information from public sources is to be copied and then destroyed. The information from the competition is of utmost importance. And so on…Sure there is going to be a FB but it will be different. It will be the public forum; it will be the anonymous platform; it will be the place of activism; games; and time wasting. Nothing is going to be real. It will be like most dating sites.The corporation will exploit it for advertising a la Max Headroom. But have a very tight internal ghost network.Yes! This post is from the FUD and Subjective folder.