Richard Bucker

Is There a Better Desktop

Posted at — Jul 6, 2020

I really like my ChromeOS dekstop setup which I supplement with Google GStrute services, Linux and BSD servers. No secrets here…

A few weeks ago I tried to use PopOS as my desktop and it was OK. My monitor can switch between inputs and my USB Keyboard works on both… Whether I like it or not there are a number of CONs that cannit be overcome.

(1) Linux and BSD are mutable which means as time goes by the desktop will get subtle changes that must be carried forward and that just takes time and energy.

(2) ClearLinux is a clear winner because it reboots in about 2 seconds but with approximately 9 releases a week that’s a lot of rebooting. Also, ClearLinux is still kinda new and does not have the kind of package availability i want. And while it’s packaging philosophy is pretty good the packages are large and so various installations seem to carry some excess baggage.

(3) What I like about OpenBSD is that they constantly trim the OS. Deleting code when they can. Less code means less bugs. Unfortunately it’s missing some packages.

(4) Linux is just getting larger and larger. ‘nuff said.

(5) FreeBSD has tons of packages, tested kernel as it’s embedded in various routers like pfSense and opnSense.

The Linux-based OS offerings seem to have a better GUI. The installers are better, the GUI experience is better, and the integration seems smooth. However, BSD seems more reliable.