Richard Bucker

Is there a plan for #Plan9

Posted at — Dec 15, 2014

What I know is that I don’t know? For the last while I have noticed that the Golang team has been building a version of Go for both ARM and plan9. While the ARM version makes perfect sense as there is a group that believes in Go on android. But Go on plan9?Without making any value statements about plan9 it has not had a release since 2002. I posted on twitter and I emailed Rob Pike; and the response did not seem very enthusiastic. Rob directed me to the mailing lists and twitter indicated it was homegrown.My take away from some comments made in response to a Tannenbaum letter in 1992 is that Plan9 might be a perfect OS to absorb into your stack if you have the cash to staff. It might even stave off the need to head into container land (I need more evidence to prove this but I am thinking about Ford’s decision to take on QNX instead of Windows for their next generation)