Richard Bucker

It's 11:45p Should you be switching to Developer Mode

Posted at — May 17, 2015

I want my ASUS Chromebox to do a few more things than I can get accomplished in normal mode, however, making that change in a time when we have containers like Docker and Rkt is a shame and a pity. The ChromeOS developers came up with this idea of Recovery Mode, however, from what I can tell it’s just a simple chroot jail. But I think I’ve already made my point.Getting my Asus Chromebox into recovery mode was as simple as inserting a pin into the recovery hole just above the Kensington lock hole.I should be able to recover at any time and restore my system to it’s original luster if things go terribly ┬ábad. While I have been thinking about this for a while I had not executed. And now that things are progressing I’m having my concerns.many of the screens and popups that are described are incomplete. There are plenty of warnings in the negative but very few in the affirmative.Now that the machine has rebooted twice (automatically) the machine has clearly been power washed and I have to tell it about my network. (could have been worse)Having to put my username and password in the dev mode system is giving me a hickup. I hope my dev mode system does not sync any crud into my google repo. (it’s better that my sync password is different from my user password. Thank goodness for small favors)While I’m in developer mode I’m not sure what to do next. I’ll have to google the process again and bookmark the steps this time.I’ll try to update this with my next link.