Richard Bucker

it's a half day hike stupid

Posted at — Sep 23, 2016

And then the theme song to Gilligan’s Island plays in my head.… three hour tour.instead of starting with my 21 pound dry pack I’m going to change my plan. Here is my inventory:the clothes on my back including convertible long pants and synthetic long sleeve shirt. I’ll carry spare socks and a short sleeve in my pack in case I’m uncomfortable. Since we are hiking in the everglades I’ll use my synthetic tactical boots circa 20 years - convert to snacks only, nuts, M&Ms, no cooking and no cook kit.rain jacket instead of poncho just because it’s a day hike and I don’t really care much about the pack. I just want to be a little comfortable. The first might make that nicer. (as a test I’m sitting at my desk with the jacket and t-shirt on. The house is at 77F and I can feel my temp rising. I’m assuming that the jacket would conduct the heat better instead of insulating me if it were raining. But I feel better in the jacket than a poncho.I have a couple of shelter options in case the weather turns. The bivy makes the most sense as it is two in one.I’m not sure if I’ll start with 1 or 2 liters of water but I will take my water filter/purification kit.¬†New weights:pack(400g) - 40L (overkill)water kit(200g) - sawyer mini and aquamiraemergency kit(350g) - first aid: band aids, tape, pills, knife, ointment - fire kit: twine, fero rod, knife/sawfood(450g) - need to add a few more granola bars and nuts.spoonbivy(450g)cordage¬†water - 1100g per literrain jacket(300g)sitting pad(50g)waste kit(50g)EDC (1000g)knife with lanyardcompasswhistleheadlampbushknife+ferotrekking polesMy day hike is well under 10 pounds and perfectly safe.