Richard Bucker

It's not camping

Posted at — Jun 30, 2016

Enviously I have watch some bushcrafters go into the bush either by themselves or with a friend and just have a great time. They put some of their primitive skills to work and they make things work for themselves. After watching this one presenter talk about cheap folding knives and various fixed blade knives he recently took a very modest Victorionix and an ax.The ax was fine for splitting wood. The blade was sharp enough for making feather sticks and so was the pocket knife. He intentionally left his saw behind. I struggle with deciding what to leave at home. Ideally two 4+ inch knives, a saw and an ax. What processing deadfall to the correct length I need a saw. Using an ax takes a lot of energy and time. And if you’re processing hardwood it’s going to take longer.In south Florida we do not have that sort of luxury. First of all this summer seems to be rainy. And when it rains here it really rains. You can watch it rain sideways from time to time. Our critters are dangerous. Huge snakes, alligators and now crocodiles. The occasional cougar and bear. This limits what your campsite can do.Last year a jogger was dragged into the canal and killed.My favorite gear is a DC4, CC4, WorkSparp honing rod, Ganzo G738 and a Coast 305lm flashlight. It takes a delicate touch to sharpen a knife with these stones.