Richard Bucker

Job Search - The Modern Way and the New Way

Posted at — May 5, 2012

I hate the job search. Have I ever said that before? I’ll say it again, I hate the job search.Looking at my job search bookmark I have 29 sites that I visit from time to time and of that about 15 I check daily… whether I’m in the market or not I like to know what’s going on and what technologies people are hiring for, (in many ways it’s a game).But when it comes to actually applying for a position there are so many things that go wrong.As a candidate you have three or four things on your person that you use to apply for a job. (a) cover letter template, (b) short resume, (c) long resume, (d) references. Your expectation is that you want to upload these 4 documents, at once, in response to any posting of interest.But no. That’s not the way it works in so many cases that I’ll never understand. For example JobVite and Taleo have several pages of personal and demographic information that they capture internally, then they re-prompt you for similar information for the client… and there is undoubtedly a username and password requirement.When it comes to a job search site I have no loyalty at all. I am, however, biased toward sites with less friction. I constantly kill JobVite and Taleo applications. Their application process by no way filters the right employees. HR people should read up on game theory.This is dumb as a bag of pet rocks! I submitted my resume. I’ll wait patiently for a response. Sometimes you get a response and sometimes you do not. It’s the same whether you use Taleo or send a direct email. Hiring is a long and hard process for everyone. Hiring is also #10 or lower on the manager’s to do list on any given day. No amount of personal information or opt-in/out or pre-screen forms is going to improve that.A new twist to the process is the “apply with LinkedIn” button. This would be ok, except, LinkedIn is the professional FaceBook. And as such 3rd party applications/websites that use this button are given access to your LinkedIn account. It could expose your connections to other types of communication when really you intent was to let the 3rd party access to your online resume.If it were up to me:The Employer would (a) create an account (b) create a job posting (c) receive daily summary emails (d) allow me to response with canned templates, (e) reporting.The Candidate would (a) search, (b) apply with an email address, 2 attachments of any kind (c) receive emails from the employer.If you fail to identify the best candidate because the candidate self filters … you still “lose”.