Richard Bucker

Jupiterhikes - 6lbs on the PCT

Posted at — Oct 26, 2018

Just another example where price meets going without but from the going without it’s probably OK for a weekend:<iframe allowfullscreen=" class=“YOUTUBE-iframe-video” data-thumbnail-src=“" frameborder=“0” height=“266” src=“" width=“320”>packphoneexternal batteryUSB cablesexternal chargerheadphonesone trekking polehandheld flashlight (AAA batt)extra AAA batteryneck flashlightwatchrain jackettwo pairs sockssunglassesfood bagtoothbrush, toothpastetarp, cordage, stakes, beanie, glovespuffer jacketwind pantsquiltsleeping pad, groundclothAdvilsafety pintwo 1.5L Zephyr Hills water bottlesspoonpeanut butter jar (cold soak)One interesting thing; Jupiter remarks that the food bag might not be completely odor-proof and there seems to be some concern when hiking solo. I’m not sure but it really sounded like fear.Hiking in the Florida Everglades I would add a few things:mechanical water filter with prefilter, purification tabscompressed toilet papersmall knife with tweezershand sanitizer or soap and a bandannaleukotapebugnet and/or bivy depending on the weather (no quilt)firekit include ignition, tinder, knife/saw (ax and saw are a different kit)hammock shelter instead of ground if I know where I’m goingThe firekit serves multiple goals. [1] creatures do not like fire so it’s natural security [b] heat in case things are wet or dangerously cold [c] signal not meaningful depending on where you are [d] water purification again not meaningful for an overnight [e] something to do, light the camp area, keep the bugs away, and nature’s TV. So for the investment of a SAK and lighter you’re good to go… although some hiking books talk about hiking until you sleep.