Richard Bucker

just add water poop wipes

Posted at — Sep 18, 2016

I just received my Coleman waterproof match containers and Wysi Wipe tablets. The reviewers said that I could put the tabs in the tubes and they would stay safe and dry. They fit but just barely.Just a few of my observations:the containers came with matches and I did not expect that. There is a striker on the bottom and a 1in square striker pad inside the tubeThe fit is loose but not so loose that a little humidity or water could spoil the batch or make removing the next tab impossibleThe containers are a softer plastic, probably better, than I remember. Also the threads seem smaller and the gasket is hardergiven the capacity of one of these tubes, it’s weight, and the possibility that the tube would jam, especially when I gotta go. I think it might make a fine backup but in the meantime I’ll get two snacksize ziplocs.