Richard Bucker

Just rain

Posted at — Oct 16, 2018

Last night the kids had soccer practice. The evening started off pleasant and I managed to start re-watching season 2 of Bosch. At 730p it started to mist and then quickly sprinkle and then it came down in sheets. Luckily for me I had my Snugpack poncho in my backpack so without skipping a beat I pulled it out and slipped it on. That’s when the kids started to run off the field.Sitting under my poncho I was very comfortable. I really like the chest pouch and pockets. The neck zipper and adjustable hood were excellent. Unlike other ponchos there are no side snaps it’s already closed so it will not be useful as a tarp or groundsheet. As it is black it will dry quickly but it is hot in the sun.I’ll have to try the Sea to Summit next time.PS there is something to be said for carrying my BOB to the soccer field.