Richard Bucker

JZ overnight pack

Posted at — Sep 24, 2018

I’ve been saying that SUL/UL means spending money or going without. For example a 40L G4Free pack can cost $20 and a sub-pound Palante pack can cost well over $200. While I’m a fan of lightweight gear I also like practicality, functionality, and cost savings. The idea of calling Amazon and having my order fulfilled in 2 days instead of waiting 5-11 weeks is precious. For example my Yama 8.5x8.5 is scheduled for 11 weeks and my Borah 7x9 for 5 weeks.Another great example. BearPaw Wilderness Designs makes a 8x10 flat tarp with a 1-2 week delivery time and weight 15oz. Paria Offers the same tarp for $80, weights 15oz,¬†and ships from amazon with Prime.So when I listen to JZ talk about an upcoming hike and his gear:packsleeping bagsleeping pad2 days food - barsgallon waterthick wool socksthin wool jacketthin sockssunscreenlens cleaning wipre2x batteries for cameracameratoothbrush and toothpasteflosszebralightsmall scissorshand sanitiser2x 750ml smartwater bottlesNo shelter or rain jacket because it has not rained in a while and he’s not expecting any. No cook pot either; why cook for 2 days.So this is not really UL since the water weighs more than 9 pounds. The pack, if it’s a Palante 40L, is probably limited to 25 pounds of gear. With 9 pounds in water he really had to cut some corners.