Richard Bucker

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Posted at — Nov 27, 2019

… in those immortal words of Marsha Brady. The thing is “we” seem to be adopting k8s squirrel as fast as squirrel we can be distracted by the latest squirrel useless feature. The way it seems to go is that WE have been working on systems and “the web” for quite some time. And in that time we have polished our collective turds and made lemonade. Systems are not perfect but they work. They are something we can build upon. In years past we knew how to scale our projects and we knew how to build a buss and pub/sub transactions, we can already jail and chroot, and we can firewall and VLAN ephemeral networks and so on.

docker is just an orchestration wrapper. We already have the other tools. We just got lazy and deferred to someone else’s asthetic.

One thing I’ve learned as a result of this k8s conversatino is that docker in itself is a nice toolchain but it’s also useless and for the same reasons. We already have the tools. There are bugs. We are deferring to others… and then there are the hub trojans etc. This is so much worse than casually importing 3rd party libs.

I have a whole new approach to deploying applications!