Richard Bucker

Kernel Maintainers

Posted at — Jul 1, 2020

A recent post on or by Linus Torvolds reads “[Linux] kernel maintainers are hard to find”. Parsing that at face value it is a warning. Combined with the size of the 5.8 kernel and it’s more DEFCON than crosswalk signal.

While the Linux Kernel has some novel and interesting features, including RAM compression, it’s complicated and difficult. The pairing/codependence of the Linux Kernel and X86 processors runs deep. By comparison the OpenBSD kernel may not be as fast or as robust but it works. The FreeBSD kernel has been the core OS for gateways, switches, routers, IoT for many years.

OpenBSD has it’s own problems in funding and resources, however, their less is more strategy gets the job done. I feel less afraid when I deploy OpenBSD… and scared shitless when a new Linux distro is added to the list or when Ubuntu and RedHat are bumped from the top 10 on distrowatch.