Richard Bucker


Posted at — Jul 10, 2020

I have been a fan of Picol for some time. It is a tcl-like interpreter written in 550 lines of C code. Similarly; the same author (antirez) implemented a basic editor with some basic syntax highlighting in about 1000 lines of code. And while redis morphed into a monstrocity of enterprise proportions it seems to have started as a simple key-value DB with a syntax similar to Picol.

everything in 1K

What should not be lost here is the compactness and precision of tools. In today’s environment when applications take hours to compile and test these tools harken back to a time when we could do the same in minutes instead of hours.

While I do not believe that we are heading to “end of days” there is something rewarding and reassuring that code generated in this way is subject to fewer bugs, random failures or edgecase abuse. The day may come when we find that one particular brand of CPU has been compromised and we have to start all over… Think about trying to run Windows 10 on an Apollo era computer.