Richard Bucker

Kindle Paperwhite Trouble

Posted at — Dec 24, 2014

I created a collection on my iPad’s Kindle application.  I also populated the collection with 11 books and periodicals. But wouldn’t you know it… it would not sync with my paperwhite.The first problem was that I had set the parental controls at some point and… [a] I had meant to prevent anyone from stealing my kindle and downloading everything they wanted so I protected the store. [b] I had also protected the cloud because that’s where all the personal content is backed up. [c] I had forgotten the passcode. CRAP![a] that’s easy enough. The parental controls are granular enough to separate the store from the cloud. But since I had included [b] the cloud I was not able to navigate to the cloud view even though all the help and links hinted that I was supposed to be able to. But of course it was locked.So locked meant I was going to get misleading text from Amazon and that the help was going to be no help at all. The giveaway should have been [i] the fact that the “cloud” menu option was grey and would not let me select [ii] There was a small lock on the top center of the menu that indicated that parental controls were active. However, since the “collection” menu option was visible and some of the other menu options were also available this was silly.Of course you can always create a collection on the device and upload it later. But that’s probably where I went wrong. However, a simple “the cloud option is locked” in any of the help screens would have been useful.Finally, because I had lost my passcode I had to perform a complete reset of the device. As of right now the device has been reset, the collection downloaded, parental controls set to [a] only; hoping that I do not have anything bad in the cloud, and I have a new passcode that I think I’ll remember.PS: I would provide the link used to reset the device but I think I’ll let you google it yourself.  It was not particularly difficult to locate but I hate the idea that my kids might read this some day. Of course this means the device would be wiped and not that anyone would read my stuff.