Richard Bucker

Kiosk Mode

Posted at — Aug 22, 2015

I would really like to get my chromecast running in kiosk mode without having to cast my URL from my chrome instance on my desktop. ┬áIn fact I’d like to have multiple chromecast devices connected to multiple displays geographically distributed. The business use-case is having a dashboard in operations as well as the support departments… and in my home office too. But since I want to be able to hand these things out to managers and remote workers it needs to be a little more flexible. I originally thought to use a google for work account but the hidden costs rack up quickly and the concise documentation is non-existent. While I’m into sweat equity in my career this is not one of those projects with a high return on investment. Especially when there is an iPad app that makes more sense.There are a number of Intel/Compute-sticks that might do the job, however, to paraphrase from the CEO at Meteor many times we just want to get the work done.