Richard Bucker

Kissing kisslink goodbye

Posted at — Apr 20, 2016

A few months ago I did some router reviews because I was having troubles with my state of the art Apple express and D-Link routers. Since then I made a few different purchases in order to test the waters and see what developers were doing to keep things simple and yet provide the level of technical features I needed.Kisslink was supposed to be one of those tap and go routers. In other words, once you have physical access to the device a simple tap and audio response was supposed to grant access to the network. There were some basic features that would prevent seeing peer devices and such and having it in the middle of the house made sense for guests.But then I do not have that many guests. They are not going to install a specialized app to capture the wifi connection. And so on. But the one thing I noticed is that in the last 30 days the device has been out of service. The normal blue glow has been replaced with yellow or no light at all. I’m not sure if this is because it’s broken, pending updates or I don’t know what.But the point is; I do not use it even for myself. I need access to the other system in my home network and so sandboxing myself is useless. So Kisslink is now in the trash.