Richard Bucker

Languages and more languages

Posted at — Dec 6, 2011

[Update 2011-12-06] Actually there is still a lot missing from this list. The tier-1/2 dependency list is pretty high. Things like Spread, ZeroMQ, OpenSSL, JDBC, jPOS, Mnesia, Mojolicious, Twisted, Celery, ActiveRecord, Hibernate, iBatis, Riak, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra … and it goes deeper than that too.As a followup article to “projects and more projects”; this article is going to cover all of the programming languages, tools and frameworks I’ve used over the years as they relate to the projects I’ve worked on. This is going to be the hardest document to write because in some cases the dependencies were too deep for me to know for sure. (thank you WebLogic) but I’ll give it a shot in that maybe it’ll be interesting in the end.<img class=“alignnone size-full wp-image-517” title=“lang2lang” src=“" alt=” width=“645” height=“675” />I’m not sure if this is everything but it’s pretty darn close.