Richard Bucker

Laptop Envy

Posted at — Sep 15, 2021

The new season of laptop envy has begun and it is a very trying time. For many months now I have been marching toward an understanding that [a] google scale is nice to have but mostly unlikely and simply a different problem. [b] The fewer the moving parts the better (cough: 5M LOC per release)

OpenBSD, for all it’s warts, is something a single programmer can reason thru. All the basics are included. OpenBSD and FreeBSD were probably the first embedded firewalls/routers. And while Linux is making inroads it’s only because of basic familiarity and not sound engineering decisions.

While not specifically OpenBSD the approach decided upon by the httpd and relayd developers has molded my opinion of wildcard certs on let’s enctypt.

it’s weird that OpenBSD devs have a strong devotion to ThankPad computers.

I’m dedicated to ChromeOS but I’m also a realist. The day is going to come when I need to cut the google cord. I’m spoiled with the ChromeOS “terminal-like” approach to the internet. Just add power to any vt100 terminal… yay! I also like and hope that google is checking every line of linux code before they embed it in ChromeOS.

But like I say… the day will come.

I need to homebrew a firewall, NAS, desktop, and webserver.