Richard Bucker

Laptop Tablet Desktop

Posted at — Aug 1, 2021

I have several laptops, tablets and desktop computers. My daily driver is a laptop with 4 external monitors. I like being able to take my desktop everywhere in a laptop but I also like my 5 monitor desktop. Switching between systems when using ChromeOS is sweet but android and linux apps do have a price. And for the functionality ChromeOS systems cost less than PCs and Macs but the performance cost is very similar if not worse as evidenced by my premium Lenovo C13.

I’ve been using my ChromeOS linux a lot lately. It is a bridge between networks but productive.

In the coming school year my kids will be upgrading their classroom tools. I will have a firsthand option to see what a premium tablet offers. Frankly there is not much different between ChromeOS and an iPad. The real problem with the laptops is the battery, especially when it’s always plugged in.

13" screens are too small. 14" screens are too heavy. Keyboards have considerable weight that should be replaced with mouse/touch and voice. (forget github copilot.)