Richard Bucker

Lead Generation - the analog enemy

Posted at — May 21, 2012

Many years ago I worked for Premier Global. They were in the messaging business. Everything from fax, to voice, to email. That included incoming and outgoing messages. I remember one fine day when a coworker was recognized by executive management for tweaking their robot dialer to wait a few seconds after the remote side picke up the phone. The assumption being that the receiver would say hello and if they were interrupted by the dialer that they would most likely get a hangup. Anyway, they were right. The conversion rate was much higher now.I’ve hit this topic several times this year… and now that I’m all the do not call lists I’m still getting calls. The one list that really pissed me off this weekend was the Broward County Police and Benevolent Society. The agent happened to drop the dirty little secret that there is more than one company working for the Police and Fire. This disgusts me on many levels.Anyway, after reading this morning’s jobs wanted lists I saw that there is yet another lead generation company using robo-dialers looking for programmers. So the question is… with all of these lead generation companies attempting to get our attention at almost the same “best” time of day. What would it take for these robo-dialers to completely saturate the analog phone system? Figure that any one of the Amazon servers could handle 5,000 - 10,000 calls at once depending on the networking. A complete DDOS could be scripted in a few hundred lines of code.