Richard Bucker

Leaks or Marketing?

Posted at — Sep 30, 2013

As the latest round of leaks make their way through the copy-me-too sphere… are they really leaks or are they a marketing ploy on behalf of the marketing teams and/or publisher?The manufacturer’s love this stuff because they get all sorts of buzz, mindshare, and with any luck they get to sample the public to determine just how successful the launch might be.The publisher’s love this stuff because is increases their readership. Right or wrong the public enjoys a little drama and a new secret project is the way to do that.When I think about a a leak, however, I’m always thinking that it’s a “deep throat”…. when it’s not really a person at all. In some cases it’s just some detective work akin to dumpster diving. Some folks are reverse engineering the manufacturing breadcrumbs… but for all that effort…The one thing that always seems to be missing is the names of the people making the discovery or the leaker. So I’m not certain that there is one.good luck to Nexus 5