Richard Bucker

Lean to setup

Posted at — Nov 7, 2017

I have a 9 1/2' x 9 1/2' tarp from Bear Paw Wilderness Designs and I have a similar size reflective tarp from  2Go Systems. I would hope to use the reflective tarp at my daughters' soccer game when the sun is high in the sky and hot. One thing that always seems to throw me for a loop is the setup method. There are clearly a number of ways to do this properly for quick installation… So I decided to knock one out and see what happens.lean toIn the picture above this is a the simple lean to setup. The tarp is a Snugpak (Stasha under $40 and under 1 pound) tarp approximately 8' x 5 1/2'. In this configuration the tent is just a few inches under 3' high. Luckily given the position of the sun I’m getting maximum protection from the sun.prusik One of the configurations talks about using the working end of the trucker’s hitch in order to secure one end of the ridgeline. I decided against that because the ground was uneven at that side of the ridgeline and if I swapped sides the other was too small. Notice I used a stake as a toggle.instant release bowline Here I used a stake to secure the bowline so that I did not need to pull the line through and that I could leave the ridgeline secured to the tarp.truckers hitchThis is the trucker’s hitch side of the ridgeline. The bankline is so slippery that I had to secure it with a double half hitch. Also I did not leave a long enough working end.side viewThe side view… many preppers talk about a 50' ridgeline. The distance here from end to end is 13 paces or about 39'. Given the span I would say that 50' is a good amount. In fact it’s probably perfect if it’s just secured away instead of pre-cutting. Then if and when you need it you can just take what you need.I have SGT Knots Bankline in both #18 and #36. I think I used the #36 here. It worked. It stretched quite a bit. It stinks on my hands as it is coated in oil/tar. The knots can slip.add some structureI decided to use a die from a kids game to create a tie out. As I pulled the tie out the tarp started to sag. So I adjusted the tarp and then the tie out sagged. I repeated this a few times until I gave up. I think the answer here is a stick or hiking stick. Or, as I generally fear I need some better cordage.