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Learn Something New Every Day pkg add OpenBSD

Posted at — May 5, 2021

From the learn something new catalog…. I have been struggling with orchestrating my OpenBSD deployments. It’s certainly getting better but certainly less than stellar. One thing that has been bothering me for a while is the installation of certain packages. For Example:

# pkg_add sudo
quirks-3.631 signed on 2021-05-04T16:48:57Z
quirks-3.631: ok
Ambiguous: choose package for sudo
a       0: <None>
        1: sudo-
        2: sudo-
        3: sudo-
Your choice: 

I wanted to install sudo but there are 3 versions. I could specifiy the whole release version but that would mean updating my script every time there was an update or release. UGH! But first….

The reality is I just need the simple sudo. But another example is bash. There are a few flavors there including one that is statically linked (my preference). In the example above the gettext and gettext-ldap are what OpenBSD calls stems. Here are some examples for installing the different packages non-interactively:

# pkg_add sudo--
# pkg_add sudo--gettext

Thanks to MWL for reminding me to read.