Richard Bucker

Learned New Things Today

Posted at — May 14, 2020

Number 1 - technology

There is clearly something wrong in my house… while my EXPENSIVE bluetooth headset works intermittantly when I recently tried a couple of new bluetooth keyboards my bluetooth mouse started acting jittery. I’ve believed that the this particular Chromebox was at fault… but this is a general issue for Bluetooth.

Number 2 - nomad

Vanlife looks like fun but it has some serious challenges. Going into it one might think [a] always driving [b] always doing something. Therefore all those creature comforts are not necessary. Not all of them are, however, may are. If I were to be a digital nomad I’d need some quality tech or even a good desk and chair. Not to mention this is not the way to live with a family of four.

Home schooling and living on the road might appear to be interesting… but do the math and figure out if renting and taking the summer on the road is a better use of your time and money. “are we there yet” being the worst possible use of time.

Number 3 - PTSD

Being stuck in the house during a jurricane is nothing compared to a pandemic. It takes serious mental endurance to make it through. Recentlt Dan Savage made some really good pandemic comments that he did not mention PTSD by name he said that it would not be uncommon to have more divorses than babies nine months from the pandemic.

Number 4 - entertainment

A few years ago there was a TV commercial about reaching the end of the internet. Well we are about there. The good news is that there are some quality media companies that are trying to fill the void. Thank you Disney and Netflix.