Richard Bucker

learning new tricks with vim

Posted at — Jun 13, 2016

I have tried many times to learn emacs and each time I am reminded that in the early word processing days there was WordStar and everyone else. The best features in WordStar were [a] started fast [b] handled he largest files [c] key strokes made sense. For example; marking the beginning and end of a block was: CTRL+K - B … move the cursor and then CTRL+K - E to set the end of the block. Now when I look at vi/vim I get these same experiences. Sorry emacs not even your vi emulation mode is good enough.And so I learned something new about vim this morning.  I had to search and replace multiple times over the same selection of code and for years I would just reselect the code in the manual way. A quick google search returned a hella cool key sequence I was not aware of.g vThis key combination will reselect the previous visual selection.