Richard Bucker

Lesson Confirmed

Posted at — Jul 15, 2014

My MacBook Air crashed again last night and there isn’t even a shred of hope that it will recover. The one thing I will benefit from is that all my code was committed to fossil-scm, Github or BitBucket. All of my docs are on Google’s Apps and everything thing else is in iCloud. So once I get the computer repaired I’ll be back in business in no time.While I have been a green-trunk fanboy I am no longer. I happen to be lucky that everything was committed before the crash and it is better to be lucky than good. At least in this case. This means that there has to be a better way to write code that every change is committed immediately. This is also a major jolt for Nitrous.IO and C9… if they are more reliable than my desktop. Clearly when things go bad there… they go really bad.