Richard Bucker

Life without a proper laptop

Posted at — May 18, 2014

My MacBook Air has given up the ghost. After 4 complete reinstalls the machine refuses to encrypt the boot partition which leads me to the conslusion that there must be a problem with the drive. It formats and accepts the installation of OSX but that’s as far as it goes. (this post is being written on my iPad mini and while typing into the blogger app is functional it’s just not pleasant.)There was a time when I was hoping that my iPad was going to be a complete laptop replacement but now that it’s truth time I’m not certain it’s going to work. And while Apple is asking all of it’s app makers to sandbox their apps I’m not sure it’s going to be any better than the iPad experience.I do not think that the Nexus or the Kindle would be any better. I do have high hopes for the chromebox.