Richard Bucker


Posted at — Oct 16, 2018

Recently there was an announcement that Microsoft purchased or acquired LinkedIn. I do not know what the play is because it’s not much of a social network and it’s not much of a business network. When I joined, many years ago, I linked to anyone and everyone I could. That included recruiters, executives, and many 2nd and 3rd tier contacts. I had some stupid number of connections.In recent years I have been getting connection requests from more and more recruiters. Non offered real jobs. Many were looking for programmers with 5 years experience… I’ve been a programmer for 30+ years. Why are these dolts contacting me? If they would spend 5 minutes on my resume they’d know exactly what I’m good for. I FIND AND SOLVE PROBLEMS.And so I started dumping my connections.REALLY! I only have 33 connections. None of the other 500+ connections ever reached out. These 33 have not either but they are more likely to respond to an email or a message.PS what’s also amazing is the number of people who say they worked for a company that I did at the same time…. and it’s a clear lie.