Richard Bucker

linux distros that matter...

Posted at — Oct 7, 2019

Distrowatch is always a good place to checkout the latest linux distros but unfortunately it’s not as simple as it once was. Now we hear about evil does attacking from the heart of the Open Source and Free community. Just because I’m always on the lookout I stick to the major brands and that comes with it’s own price.Red HatCentOSCoreOSRancherOSUbuntuPhotonOS- I wish Google had their own distro in addition to ChromeOSIn recent months some have been deprecatedAtomicAnd there are some I just won’t touch for nowk3osmicrok8s (not sure that is a complete distro)Each has it’s own pros and cons. The most compelling right now is RancherOS. I like that I can install it from docker-machine and effect all sorts of configuration too.I’m abandoning this post as I lost the train of thought after letting it sit too long.