Richard Bucker

Linuxkit Stars

Posted at — Nov 12, 2020

Why on earth does linuxkit not have a million stars? I’m perplexed by the number of container-based projects that are built on top of some real linux distro because [a] the memory requirements and heat generated [b] the attack surface area. Container orchestration like docker, rkt, k8s, k3s etc… were meant for micro services running on scratch containers. But then devs got lazy and just installed their apps/services on top of full blown OS’ like Alpine, Fedora, etc…

Docker invested in moby which I think was renamed linuxkit. It’s not completely clear to me if this is the project I think it is but the principle is the same… if my service relies on some element of the OS that is not supported via the scratch container and some docker/orchestration config then I should be able to build the OS I need.