Richard Bucker

Linux laptop?

Posted at — Nov 28, 2019

One of the thing we have learned from Chrome-based compute devices is that it does not take much to get shit done these days. In my professional career I have moved all of my development to a ChromeOS based world and virtual compute nodes and I’m productive and prolific.

That I cannot run Android or Linux apps has not hindered me at all.

The only place that I feel somewhat constrained is when I have to do some iPhone development but even that’s easy enough to get around. And in that case the real challenge is adequate remote desktop software. VNC works but is incomplete and Teamviewer is not free. At this moment I’m trying the ChromOS remote desktop. It’s working OK with my MacBook but it’s not great.

Sadly all of the remote desktop solutions are weak. See Citrix, Windows, OSx remove desktop. They all lack in serious integration. Frankly the best part of browser apps is that the potential for sharing is so much better… just that “we” have not done anything.