Richard Bucker

Little Snitch - Network Monitoring

Posted at — Mar 25, 2012

One of the really neat features of Little Snitch(LS) is that it has a small dashboard that indicates the network i/o for a particular destination. There is a console version of that feature for the Linux set called iftop (there is a version for OSX too). But as I sit here considering LS I’m thinking that it was good in it’s time be that is not the case right now.LS has a “rules” engine where you specify the application and what remote systems it can connect to. But as I look at the rules they are all enabled. So what benefit is it?In order to install the OSX version it’s best to have already installed MacPorts. Then install iftop.sudo port install iftop(clearly you need root/admin access to your OSX system).Once you have iftop installed you can launch it with:sudo iftopYou need root access because intercepting the network packets requires root access.