Richard Bucker

love hate with facts and fiction

Posted at — Nov 13, 2018

 I have a love/hate thing going on with Outdoor Vitals. I believe they are a giving and spiritual based company and I only want them to succeed. However, sometimes I just cannot reconcile facts and fiction. The first is the the claim about being ultralight…And after surveying different companies like ZPacks, Enlightenment, and a few others there is nothing about OV that is UL. To be clear there is no legal definition of Ultralight but there are norms for base back weight and depending on how long and how far UL means many different things. Basically Ultralight is an aggregate term for more than just what OV supplies.Second, some months ago I purchase a couple of hammocks. I’m not sure why when one would hve been sufficient. I have a couple of other hammocks from Eno and Yukon-Outfitters that I’m not happy with; so OV seemed like a good choice. And because of how I plan my hiking and camping I like to have choices and backup plans… Therefore one more tarp. I did not own a hammock tarp with catcuts and yet they are all the rage.The tarp looks great here. The hammock is snugged nicely underneath and so the lengths are good.I’m not sure which hammock I purchased because the offering has changed since I bought mine.  I’m thinking it’s the 10ft model.The 6 sided tarp should have fit nicely.But as you can see the end of the hammock is sticking out. Keep in mind that this is not a standard configuration. First I have two hammocks under there. Also, at one end I’m using a hammock stand so there is movement. But even so this is a hammockers worst nightmare…The tarp is clearly wet. This is from rain, however, it’s also very humid as the underside of the tarps are wet too. Interestingly one hammock had a puddle about midway which could only have been a leak as it was better positioned under the tarp but it was also sort of damp from the overall humidity. The second hammock had a streak of water from the end to the center. This was clearly rain.One thing for sure is that setup and practice is everything. Second it’s better when the gear helps or compensates for mother nature. And it’s better when sales and marketing teams do not exaggerate.