Richard Bucker

M2 Warranty Warning

Posted at — Dec 29, 2020

PRIVACY WARNING… One of the things I really like about ChromeOS is that I can configure, upgrade and powerwash as simple as pie. Another is that, “I think”, the user partitions are encrypted. So if you are returning a ChromeOS device there is a chance that the seller will powerwash it before selling. If not then the seller or next buyer may try to access your account… (no different than Windows or Mac)… so make sure you powerwash before returning or discarding. And if the machine is dead for other reasons then you might want to take a hammer to the SSD.

PRIVACY WARNING… My ASUS ChromeBox received an upgrade from 16GB SSD to 1TB M2 because the 16GB was not big enough to support linux on ChromeOS. I managed to get a pretty cheap Chinese M2 device, however, 5 months into it the drive failed. The seller, in China, agreed to accept the warranty repair, however, I had to return it. As I considered and researched the return costs… Fedex and DHL wanted $150 which was about as much as the device cost. When I complained to the seller they tole me that I could use USPS at about $10. But I’m not sure how I get a tracking number on that.

PRIVACY WARNING… As I considered my desktop configuration again I decided that for $10 it was worth the return, however, I had to make certain the drive was damaged, reformated, and had nothing in the clear. So I spent another $50 on a USB-M2 adapter and with any luck I will be able to verify the drive.

But then there are lesson learned.

Regardless of the savings buy from US retailers.