Richard Bucker

MacBook Air Upgrades

Posted at — Feb 22, 2015

Now that my MacBook Air (MBA) is out of warranty and still humming strong… and after having to repurpose my backup MacBook it might be time for a hardware upgrade. I would prefer a complete hardware refresh but since that’s not option let’s do the exercise anyway.11" or 13" that is the question. The price difference between the stock 11" and 13" is just $100. And for that you get an extra 2" diagonal, SD card slot (I like the mini drive). On both the 11" and 13" you can boost the CPU and RAM for $250 but to get to 512GB disk you’re going to shell out another $400.And for comparison… I have my out of warranty MBA with 64GB of SSD. And I’m constantly running out of disk, memory, and horsepower. However, since I’m trying to use my MBA in an editor only mode I could just upgrade the disk. Looking at OWC they offer 1TB of SSD for just over $500. That’s amazing!PS: The new MB’s have great battery life. I don’t know what the real world results are but they feel very appealing.Finally, I’m echoing some Genius advice. 4GB is not enough RAM for large iPhoto libraries and does any of this feel like we are stepping back into the proprietary hardware mode? I happen to notice that they number of late model parts from OWC is dwindling to a trickle.