Richard Bucker

Made for ChromeOS

Posted at — Jul 19, 2021

Taking the dog for the evening constitutional I was reading an article which had the headline “Opera for ChromeOS”. To the casual user or even the some advanced ChromeOS users that may wrap their heads around this… it’s not true.

Commercial VPN solutions are not any better…

When I clicked on the “install here” link it turned out that the “Opera” was an android app and not a ChromeOS app. It just so happens that many or even most modern ChromeOS laptops support either ARM or Intel Android solutions. But the fact of the matter is it’s still Android and not ChromeOS.

For that matter there are also GUI applications that can be installing in the ChromeOS linux container if you’re so inclined. These are also NOT ChromeOS applications. They are linux applications that work in the ChromeOS Linux container.

So if you’re a writer, editor, marketer… please get it right!