Richard Bucker

Makin' Koffee

Posted at — Dec 6, 2018

There is something gratifying about boiling water with a camp stove, watching the flames, and then stirring in the coffee.I like a hot cup of coffee but I hate it when I burn my lips on the cup. I previously complained about titanium but this time it’s aluminium.While I’m complaining let’s talk about the Vargo stoves pictured above. In a previous post I was talking about keeping it light and small. This kit would pack down small and was capable of different fuels. Since then I discovered a few things.In this configuration [a] the base does not break the wind well enough. [b] due to the design of the folding base it does not lock into place and could fall apart.the folding baseAnother problem is that the instructions suggest that you have to fill the stove with enough fuel to essentially overflow the central fill reservoir. This is so the stove’s Ti gets hot and gasifies the fuel through the jets. This is a problem because [a] a full tank runs longer than one boil, depending and [b] recovering the fuel is a challenge and a hazard. [c] without that minimum amount of fuel you will not be able to start the stove as it will extinguish before the jets engage.I like the kit in principle but in function it leaves a lot to be desired.