Richard Bucker

Making a living from YouTube

Posted at — Apr 14, 2016

Casey Neistat seems like a nice guy. He’s got a lot of followers and he tells a good story… most of the time. Of the 20 videos I’ve watched most of them are a “day in the life” and while learning about South Africa was interesting; not because his wife once lived there but because it was South Africa. And then there are the countless airplane service reviews but most discouraging is the endless “and now to a meting that I cannot invite you to”. Still he has almost 2.5M subscribers. (a lot about nothing)I don’t think the “for-loop” or “generics for go” channels are going to get that kind of following. But like I said he tells a good story.So this has me thinking about the internet economy. How is it that someone can make a substantial living writing blogs, vlogs, etc?