Richard Bucker

making coffee is the trail version of making copies

Posted at — Feb 24, 2017

I decided to make some tea this morning but rather than using my electric kettle I decided to use my Solo Stove. The wood I used was birch that I purchase from the grocery store last month. Initially I tried to use my pocket knife to split the wood but that was unreasonable and I thought I might damage the blade since the birch is considered a hardwood. So I used my 8" Mora and was finished in a few minutes. I have a number of butane lighters in my kit but I like to practice with my SOL fire starters.One serious disadvantage of this stove is that the stove is only a few inches deep. That means the sticks or wood it uses needs to be short. I suppose pine cones might be useful, however, they have tar in the soot. Hacking the wood to the correct size takes work. As much as I like a nice open flame and the ground does not burn there simply might not be enough deadfall to make a fire without a saw and/or are my supples. I already processed some of the woodmade two feathersticks with my SAK and there is the SOL fire in the bottom rightmaking coffee (actually hot water)steeping the tea. Had plenty of woodBoil time for 16oz of water was 5 minutes. You can see from above that I did not need much wood at all. This is probably because birch is a hardwood and the bark was still attacked in many pieces.nature’s TVFeeling good and refreshed. Gonna get a second cup. The wood was nearly completely exhausted. Nothing but crumbs.“making copies” is a Saturday Night Live skit reference.