Richard Bucker

market for a new video camera

Posted at — Apr 18, 2016

I don’t want to say I’m conservative when it comes to electronics but I try to conserve time and space. I don’t need or want expensive camera equipment because I have a fine camera on my phone… I just want my phone to have good enough picture quality and the ability to start fast, work in low light, good enough resolution, some zoom, plenty of battery. This is the minimal list. Pros want a lot more.As recent as 3 weeks ago I started looking for a waterproof video camera. I was going on a father/daughter camping weekend and I wanted to record it for her…. and her mother. (a) I could not execute on time (b) I trusted my sister in-law to loan me her GoPro (c) never really tried hard enough to see if local friends had something I could borrow.I regret my non decision terribly. And so now I’m in the market for a video recorder with some of these options because I’m not eve sure what I want.low lightwaterproofvideo and stillsbattery capacityremoteadjustablesome video qualityaudio qualitysmart phone softwareSIMPLE story editingcompatable video filesMy current top 3 are:Hero Session - seems expensive once you add in all the obvious accessoriesION AIR 3 - only mounts self and so no external light sourcecontour roam 3 - and there are many moreWhat I probably want is a waterproof Sony Bloggy but the gopro is at the top of the list.