Richard Bucker

Marriott hack

Posted at — Dec 7, 2018

What does the Marriott hack mean to you? Most people probably do not care but if you have a business that depends on various public systems and services it should signal a lot!It’s easy for talking heads to view the breach as simply about the data. And in the case maybe it is. However, consider what it costs Google or AWS to run their operation for a day. They have oodles of dedicated systems that they use internally and externally. “We” typically think about the cost of decryption in man-centuries based on available compute and then talk about the cost as if someone has to pay for it.There is some hacker allegory about the cost having to be only slightly higher than the benefit gained by the hack… or something like that.But ask the question what would happen if every computer in the world suddenly started reverse engineering the god-particle of decryption? If they had to pay for it then it might never happen, however, if every poned system on the planet started working on the problem then where would be?So if we consider the number of reported, unreported, and unknown breaches… what does that really mean? Is it even possible to powerwash (to borrow a phrase from Google) every system on the planet and could it even be done?Elon Musk said he is afraid of artificial intelligence. I think he might be underestimating the situation.So now we have to ask ourselves what the day after doomsday looks like?Other than Y2K does the government have a cyber-doomsday response?Are we forced to go back to TRS-80s, Apple 2s, etc where the firmware was immutable and start building systems from scratch?