Richard Bucker

MarsEdit is from Pluto

Posted at — Jun 14, 2011

My issues with MarsEdit are not that serious; so let’s run the numbers.Cost - $39.99. Yikes. I had to check the appstore to refresh my memory. I cannot believe I paid this much. The description suggests that it is the #1 blog editor for the mac, so either there are no other blog editors on the mac or this might actually be the best.Features - Here I have to admit that ME supports a wide number of blogging platforms and maybe that’s why the editor seems so clunky. It feels like using the old edlin(DOS) compared to vi circa 1983. I’m just grateful that I did not have to dust off my WordStar cheat sheet.Append, not update - This could be a bug or it might be PEBKAC; I was doing some simple edit/publish cycles. I published the same document several times… thinking nothing of it. I decided to check my work when I noticed duplicate posts. So it seemed that with every publish I had an extra copy of my document.Feels like a webapp - There is some RTF in the editor but it feels clunky. The user can either enter the HTML tags in manually or use some RTF keyboard shortcuts. It just does not feel like a Mac desktop app.No sharing - I use several computers. So I might start the story on one computer and finish on another. ME does not offer a or alternative for editing and sharing docs. The best you can do is uploading a draft version of the doc and then downloading it on the other machine. (this is not much fun)In summary: it does the job but it feels like there is so much user/application friction that it feels like I’m struggling to get things done. Maybe next time. For now, I’m just going to go with the actual webapp version. It’s fast, seems reliable, offers some RTF, etc… but I can share my docs. Oh so much better.