Richard Bucker

MDD and DSL - I feel like I'm circling the drain

Posted at — Sep 14, 2012

Have you ever seen one of those charity boxes that looks like a large funnel and when you put your coins in motion it goes round and round until it falls into the center hole only to be collected by the charity’s processor. Looks something like this. Well when I think about MDD (model driven development) and DSL (domain specific language) I feel like the coin going round and round.MDD and DSL were and still are viable tools for deconstructing systems and processes that are to be implemented in hardware/software but to fail to recognize the history is pure folly. Many years ago they were referred to as DFD(Data Flow Diagram) and FFD(Funtion Flow Diagram). Sure, back in the day, we used analog systems to capture the details and now it’s digital but the results were exactly the same.  In fact even if you say that MDD is the new and improved DFD…. it’s new and improved in terms of same box of PopTarts with just a little less filling.And so now I wrestle with Object Oriented programming was and continues to be leap years ahead of DFD/FFD and the jury would seem to be out on any comparisons to MDD/DSL. So instead let’s jump ahead another generation. What is the next version or incarnation of OO going to look like and is it ready for some early adoption now?